Consulting invoices is a thing of the past.

Follow what happens with the invoices of service and product involving your companies, in (almost) real-time.

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Find out why we are unlike anything you've ever seen.

Consultations at the speed of light, regardless of City Hall or Sefaz.

Consult the invoices for the last 12 months in a few seconds at any time - it's automatic!

The simplest way to consult taken or provided invoices.

A simple integration allows you to monitor both taken and issued invoices: it is so simple that the JSON structure is the same.

A new concept in consultation
note taken.

A unique JSON for you to understand all the information of the notes taken by your companies, in City Halls and SEFAZs. Including PDF and XML.

Integrate easily in minutes.

No more confusing documentation and concepts, integrate our simple REST JSON API quickly and monitor invoices across the country.

A truly unified integration.

Integrate only once and monitor all of Brazil with zero-adaptation (really).

All information at the tip of the code.

From the borrower to the amount of taxes, number, protocol, description ... to the XML and PDF of the city hall.

Canceled bill detector.

Find out if a note taken has been canceled, so you can take quick action and avoid preoccupations.

And also of issued invoices.

Be a mirror of the city hall, find out about all invoices issued by your clients' companies almost in real time - including if any invoices were canceled.

No digital certificate required in most cities.

It is simple to include many more companies in your monitoring since the digital certificate is optional in hundreds of cities.

Vivencie uma nova experiência
em monitoramento de nota.

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We use our technology to provide more freedom to companies that want to grow quickly by focusing on what they do best in the world while taking care of their invoices.

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