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Why choose eNotas?

Automagic issuance of invoices for digital businesses

Produto 150º

One of the hottest products on the Hotmart market

20% commission

Crecurring commission on each sale made (annual or monthly)

Support and partnership

A team dedicated to your success from the first contact

What Top Affiliates Think

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eNotas is a great product, which sells to the most diverse areas and niches. Every producer needs to issue notes, every affiliate, every co-producer, companies, among others. eNotas is a product of the highest quality and the recurrence is great. It's a product of my heart.

Jeferson Silva

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I like to promote products that really work and generate value for my audience, and for that reason I promote eNotas. That way, I don't just focus on profit, but on the benefit that the product will generate for my audience.

Cláudio Oliveira

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I've entered the business believing, always believed and never doubted if you want a second. Two months after I started my Google Ads campaigns, I hit the number of the first 100 sales on Hotmart and my first 5 digits of revenue.

Marilene Svedberg

Common questions

What is eNotas?

eNotas is a solution for automation of invoices, ideal for those who sell online and want to issue invoices connected to a means of payment.

How does the eNotas affiliate program work?

The eNotas affiliate program is integrated with Hotmart. Commissioning is done through a link that each affiliate has access to within the platform.

Who can be an eNotas affiliate?

Only legal entities can be affiliates of eNotas.

What is the commission percentage?

The commission is 20% of the value of each sale. May be recurring, monthly or yearly.

What are the program rules?

Click here to access Affiliate Program Policy

Do I need to be an eNotas customer to join?

It is not mandatory to be an eNotas customer to become a member.

Where can I find promotional materials?

Promotional materials are available on Hotmart and on our Telegram Group

I need help, where do I contact the eNotas team?

To chat with our team, send an email.

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We use our technology to provide more freedom to companies that want to grow quickly by focusing on what they do best in the world while taking care of their invoices.

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